Vegas Lights Wax Melts | Panic! at the Disco | 2000’s | Pop Culture


In the Vegas lights
Where villains spend the weekend
The deep end
We’re swimming with the sharks until we drown

Infused with Cannabis and Tobacco leaf. Inspired by the music of Panic! At the Disco and vintage Las Vegas. The scent of roaming Fremont Street and old casino floors.

Made with Hemp Coconut Soy Wax - package includes 6 melts totaling 2.5 ounces - to be used in wax warmers only.

Please read safety instructions carefully located on the inside of your wax melt container.

Magic Box Candles are hand poured in small batches in Arizona. Our lovingly and meticulously handcrafted collections are made with creamy coconut-soy wax or pure soy (wax melts), wooden wicks and high quality fragrance oils blended to perfection.

Due to the extreme weather conditions in Arizona we ship our products only Monday-Wednesday. Thank you for your purchase!

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